UPS Power Services

Refreshingly honest and transparent, the “helpful” UPS Company


We like to present the facts as they are, taking away the “smoke and mirrors” sometimes inflected by other providers.


Our young, dynamic team are driven to improve the emergency power industry by providing a great service to clients.


We believe the client should have absolute choice in how they select their service provider armed with all the factual information.


Contact us, experience just how helpful we are, we won’t demand a purchase order or contract agreement before assisting you.

Our Story

UPS Power Services Ltd. is a no nonsense solutions provider of all things UPS related. From product supply through to after sales and technical support.

Bringing together some of the industry’s most experienced and talented people, we are committed to improving standards across the emergency power landscape through reliable and efficient delivery of all our services.

Our honest and helpful approach to working with clients is a welcome and refreshing change for many. We evaluate client needs based on facts and present these with no fuss, no frills, no nonsense. The brainchild of Mark Trolley, the company promises to be as straight talking as its founder. Well known within the power protection industry, Mark has spent over 17 years at the heart of the UPS market – working with UPS manufacturers, resellers, service providers, engineers and most importantly clients worldwide.

Our Mission

Provide a no-nonsense, refreshing, honest and helpful service within the emergency power industry.

  • Non-Nonsense 100%
  • Refreshing 100%
  • Transparent 100%
  • Helpful 100%

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"I have worked closely with Mark Trolley, now of UPS Power Services in my previous role for over two years. We worked in partnership on many critical sites located around the UK. His level of UPS product knowledge along with crucially delivering on tight client expectations was unprecedented. "

Nick Jackson

Managing Director, Medical Facilities Equipment Provider

"Mark Trolley, now of UPS Power Services was instrumental in the design and customisation of standard UPS for hundreds of sites along the London Underground. From tender stage through to testing and commissioning, every client requirement was exceeded."

Craig Needham

Key Account Manager, Emergency Power Systems

"Mark Trolley, managed a major upgrade to our in house datacentre at Phones 4U. This included an initial site audit, concept design options, followed by orderly shutdown, delivery and commissioning of the new system. This involved new switchgear, a standby diesel generator and a parallel UPS system all on a live datacentre site."

Dave Robertson

Now - Head of IT Services, Co-op